North Orissa University has introduced the Social Work Department in the State of Orissa in 2010. The Department offering Master of Social Work( MSW) with the aim of developing competent Social Work Professional with a strong theoretical foundation and unique Practical experience. The duration of the course is two years semester pattern. Total no. of seats is 30.

Field Work

            In addition to the theory courses, Substantial (concurrent) and Organization of skill training are included in the Courses. The students of MSW undergo Practical training in various governmental and nongovernmental organization, Industries and Hospital. The Field Programme is adopted to enable the students to acquire Professional skills, attitude , Values, ethics and Commitment. The MSW programme includes field work, Rural camp, Exposure visit , study tour as part of the Course Curriculum.


            Social Work Professionals have wide scope in various Organizations such as , Unicef, Undp, Unfpa, Oxfam, Governmental Organization, Public Sector Undertakings, Industries, National and International Voluntary Organization and Hospitals. They are recruited as HR Managers, Labour Welfare Officers, CSR Executive, Counselors, Rehabilitation centre, Medical and Psychiatric Social workers etc.